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How does a Pawnshop Work?

Pawn Brokers Loan money on items of value ranging from gold and diamonds to tools, electronics, musical instruments, autos, and many more.

What is a collateral Loan?

A collateral loan is a loan where the lender holds merchandise until the loan is repaid in full plus interest.

How long is the loan process?

At Capitol City Loans our loans are written for 4 months plus a 21 day grace period.

How much is the interest rate?

10% per month, every 30 days 10% of your loan amount will be added to your original borrowed amount.

What if I can’t pay back my loan within the 4 Months described?

There are many options to paying back your loan. We accept partial interest payment to extend your loan as long as needed, as many times as needed.

What happened to my items if I do not return?

After an allotted amount of time of 4 months plus a 21 day grace period all items are priced and put out for sale.

Are all items for sale used items?

Not all items are used, we purchase many new items as well as used.

Are all items tested before being purchased?

Yes., All used items we purchase are tested multiple times before being priced and put out for sale.

Are prices Negotiable?

Yes, all prices are negotiable and offers are always considered.

Do you offer a Layaway Plan?

Yes, our layaway plan requires a deposit of 20% and a payment received every thirty days after the first initial deposit. After 90 days there will be a 1.5% interest charge added to the unpaid balance.